Have you been vaccinated for Covid-19?


Social Impact is in our DNA.

Your generous donation will provide relief to small business owners in the entertainment industry (DJs, Florist, Photographers, Hair/Makeup Artist, etc..) impacted by Covid-19. After all these professionals have always been the best medicine for relieving social anxieties. Donations can be made at checkout time in any amount.

Verification is Valuable

We are committed to putting our pin users first. We are transparent about how we collect and may use collected information.

Verification Steps

1. Purchaser must upload a CDC-issued health vaccination record card after immunization of the intended pin bearer. Appointment confirmation documents may be considered.

2. Agree to terms and conditions at the time of submission.

3. Submitted documents will be checked by our "vaccinista" specialists who will approve or deny orders based on the validation outcome.

Approved submissions will trigger shipping and delievery of your purchase in the order it was recieved.

Orders that cannot be validated will be canceled and the purchaser will be issued a full refund to the original form of payment. Purchasers may resubmit documentation after 1 business day.