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PINtroducing: 'Pride Pin'

Show your pride for the LGBTQ+ community while signaling that you are proudly vaccinated for Covid-19. The 'Pride Pin' is a limited edition pin and available for pre-order. Designed by Trans Advocate + iVaxed Brand Officer, Natalie Fox

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Experience a 90 minute harbor cruise with hilarious Drag Queens, upbeat music,curated bites, and hosted bar. All guest must complete a brief verification step prior to cruising. All guest also receive a FREE iVaxed Pin!


Verification is Valuable

Our commitment is to put customers first. We strive to be transparent about how we collect and use your information, to keep your information secure and to provide you meaningful choices.

We do not sell or share your personal information with third parties outside our processor Shopify. We respect your privacy.

Below outlines our online process/standards:

1.Submit CDC and/or health official vaccination record card after immunization. You may also submit an official appointment confirmation document. Agree to terms and conditions at the time of submission.

2.Our trained team will review documentation for authenticity within 1 business day.

3.Validated submissions trigger shipping.

4.Invalidated submissions trigger order cancellation and full refund. Our system will automatically notify you.   

5.Customers may resubmit documentation after 1 business day.

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The Golden Rules

Our mission is simple: To reduce social anxieties, raise awareness, and give back to our communities.

These pins are a smart and universal way to signal "I've  been vaccinated." As more people get the vaccine, the pin becomes  more visible, creating a social/viral momentum around being vaccinated. Normalizing the COVID vaccines is important for ensuring sufficient  adoption and ending the global pandemic.

Friendly reminder to only wear your pin in public after you have completed the full course of the vaccine.

Give the gift of a pin, but please ensure to ask your recipient to only wear it once they have completed their vaccine plan. 

You should follow public health guidance while wearing your pin. Vaccines are still being developed and distributed around the world. The 'Heart of Gold' pin is an awareness tool, not a replacement for science/public health guidelines.


Social Impact is in our DNA.

Introducing our ‘Pin Positivity Program’

Your generous donation will provide relief to small business owners in the entertainment industry (DJs, Florist, Photographers, Hair/Makeup Artist, etc..) impacted by Covid-19. After all these professionals have always been the best medicine for relieving social anxieties.

Host virtual ‘pinning ceremonies’ to recognize relentless front-line workers in our communities.

Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and educational materials about Covid-19 to your fellow human.

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Travel Alert

If you travel from a foreign country to the US, you must now provide a negative test #COVID19 test result or documentation of recovery from a COVID-19 before travel. Learn more about the travel requirements.Source: #CDC ✈️ 💛

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Our 1st Pinning!

Happy + Healthy pinning to Erik who has recently vaccinated against Covid-19.

Our 1st iVaxed pin receipt was captured at Atrius Health in Boston, MA by Photographer Natalie Fox. Image is titled 'Pride + Pin Positivity' 

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How it started, and how it’s going…

Manufacturer: We will work with a Boston based company to create the pin.

Design: The golden heart is a powerful and universal symbol, a reminder that the heart, like gold, is pure and nontarnishable. The pin will be made using high quality soft enamel materials and will be 1" in size. Each pin comes with a pin backer clutch which are designed to ensure that your pins won't fall off. These custom enamel pins will be timeless, colorful, and instantly recognizable from a distance.