Heart of Rose Gold '1854 Pin' (Pre-Order + Limited Edition)

Heart of Rose Gold '1854 Pin' (Pre-Order + Limited Edition)

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Available December 5, 2021

Pintroducing - 1854 Pin

Meet the "Heart of Rose Gold" pin by iVaxed. The design itself is intended to be bold and is sure to get you noticed thanks to its gold construction which emits a radiant shine. Each pin is heart-shaped, made of enamel, and measures 1-inch by 1-inch. A pin backer clutch ensures a secure fit and promises carefree wear. The result is timeless, beautiful, and instantly recognizable from a distance.

Product Specifications

Measures 1-inch by 1-inch
An eye-catching rose gold-plated, enamel pin
iVaxed logo nestled mid-center for a fantastic display
Color and design include rose gold, black and white
Weights just .25 oz