Heart of Gold Power Pin w/PinPass Technology (Pre-Order)

Heart of Gold Power Pin w/PinPass Technology (Pre-Order)

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Available July 1, 2021

Have you been vaccinated?

It's a question many are asking lately. Our pins are intended to distinctly yet subtly signal that you are vaccinated against COVID-19. Developed with you in mind, coordinate it with any ensemble from business casual to everyday wear. It's as simple as that.

As more people get the COVID-19 vaccines, the pin will become more visible and draw attention to the importance of getting vaccinated. Awareness will encourage the adoption of the COVID-19 vaccine and enable the global community to end the pandemic more effectively and efficiently. With over 10,000 pins already in circulation, you too can help yourself, and others live a happy and healthier life. 

Product Description

Meet the "Heart of Gold" pin by iVaxed. The design itself is intended to be bold and is sure to get you noticed thanks to its gold construction which emits a radiant shine. Each pin is heart-shaped, made of enamel, and measures 1-inch by 1-inch. A pin backer clutch ensures a secure fit and promises carefree wear. The result is timeless, beautiful, and instantly recognizable from a distance.

What are you waiting for? Let's Pin to Win!

Product Specifications

  • Measures 1-inch by 1-inch
  • An eye-catching gold and nickel plated, enamel pin
  • iVaxed logo in branded blue nestled mid-center for a fantastic display 
  • Weights just .25 oz
  Pin Pass Features
  • Tap to upload vaccination documents to pin
  • Tap to locate vaccination appointments + testing locations
  • Tap for instant order/checkout
  • Tap to access CDC news alerts
  • Tap to access PPE partners/sponsors